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Selah Sounds ZEE Pack

This profile pack includes:

- 82 Studio profiles (41 Single Coil & 41 Humbucker)

The Selah Sounds Zee Pack features a range of high-octane amps from M.D.Z. From country twang to highly saturated rock, and with a number of pedals thrown in, the Zee Pack faithfully captures the tones of these four fantastic amplifiers to offer a versatile spectrum of profiles.


- 28 Studio profiles (14 Single Coil & 14 Humbucker)

Delivering detailed and chimey cleans as well as plenty of dynamic and powerful overdrive, the Wreckage never loses its articulation. This collaboration between the good doctor and Ken Fischer was developed for the talented Brad Paisley and these profiles nail the touch response that suits his playing so well. British tones abound with its 4 EL84’s and we utilized their full range with both Comfort and Speed switch settings with a Strat and Tele respectively. Paired with Brad’s signature OD pedal for a couple of profiles, this amp is a hit-maker!

HWY 66

- 28 Studio profiles (14 Single Coil & 14 Humbucker)

Based on an original-design amplifier by the Doctor, the Hwy 66 captures warm, bluesy tones generated by the KT-66 power section combined with the balance and headroom of the EF-86 front-end. While providing only a couple of real ‘sweet spots’, the Hwy 66 takes pedals with ease, so we pushed it with a number of boutique boosts, overdrives, distortions, and even fuzzes to expand the tonal palette (all labelled in Rig Tags).


- 12 Studio profiles (6 Single Coil & 6 Humbucker)

Packing a powerful punch into its 18-watts, the Karmann actually began as a Hammond organ amplifier. After benefiting from a few modifications, the Karmann was born and has become a popular amp that delivers beautiful clean tones and warm, fat breakup. We captured the rich tones of this huge sounding amp that both cuts through the mix and remains full throughout the range of its simple volume and tone stack.


- 14 Studio profiles (7 Single Coil & 7 Humbucker)

While the amp gets its real namesake from a famous Italian motorsports track, our assigned moniker also rings true - these profiles race off with a bonanza of sustain and a range of gain at your fingertips! The Bonanza is a 20-watt lead-guitar monster that retains note definition and dynamics even as the drive enters fuzzy territory. Touch-sensitive and smooth, the Bonanza excels at saturated rock tones.