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Mark Lettieri

"Selah Sounds profiles are an indispensable part of my recording rig!"

~ Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Snarky Puppy

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Alex Williams

“Selah Sounds is everything I search for in an amp profile, in a rig, in a show tone. Clarity, an EQ that cuts through like butter and the more gain you dial in, the creamier the solo or rhythm becomes. And the 65 D’Verb profile?! What other clean tone is there?! Thanks for all y’all do!”

~ PRS Artist, Guitarist for Hollyn, Bel-Ami Music, Natasha Pheko & Collective 6ix


Jonny Bird

"Selah sounds have become my go to profiles for studio and live. With so many amps and voicings for different pickups, It's always easy to pull out an inspiring tone."

~ UK producer, guitarist for Martin Smith in Army Of Bones


Spence Peppard

“There's a huge amount of effort going on behind the scenes of Selah Sounds to bring us guitarists the best possible replication of our favorite amps. I recognize their passion, skill, and effort, and am pleased to report that their hard work paid off. These profiles are top shelf.”

~ Nashville Session Guitarist

Who we are


Selah Sounds is a top-tier Kemper profIling project launched FOR GUITARISTS, BY guitarists

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Alex is the House of Worship Manager for the leading music store in Canada.  He is an accomplished musician and a monster guitarist who invests into the local music scene as both a professional and hobbyist.  Alex has an incredible ear for guitar tone and tweaking.  He lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife. @Alextoney

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Hendrik (Bish), originally from South Africa, is a Pastor, guitarist and husband.  He has a knack for great guitar tone, relationship-building and media.  He loves serving the church and organizing large-scale special events and conferences.  Hendrik brings vision and strategic initiative to Selah Sounds.  He resides with his wife in Vancouver, Canada. @Hendrikbisschoff