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This pack includes 2 amps (22 Profiles):


- Seven Single Coil Profiles

- Seven Humbucker Profiles

The /FUTURE 37 profile pack accurately captures one of the most popular boutique amps offered from a revered amp maker in Southern California.  Boasting 37 watts, a 12AX7/12AT7/5879 preamp section and a 6v6 power section, this amp is masterfully complex and contains the best sounds from Fullerton and England.  Think of a seriously upgraded JTM45, injected with a little love from a company that rhymes with “bender”!  The cleans are full-bodied and the gain is three-dimensional.  If you ever get your hands on ANY amp by this maker, buy it, take a look inside and marvel at the craftsmanship!  What’s more, the pack comes optimized for both single coils and humbuckers!


- Four Single Coil Profiles

- Four Humbucker Profiles

The /ELLE profile pack accurately captures only the sweet spots found in a high-end boutique amp made in Southern California.  The amp comprises 39 watts, a 12AX7 preamp section and an EL34 power section.   It is truly a no-nonsense rock amp, but it also has great versatility for the well-rounded player.  The /ELLE profiles offer the user some of the best tones from England, specifically from the mid-60’s through to the mid-80’s.  Think of a Plexi with an extended and tighter low end, a more refined midrange and large bell-like cleans.  These profiles will take you back, in the best possible way!  The /ELLE pack comes in two versions, optimized for both single coils and humbuckers.