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Selah Sounds Acoustic Pack

This profile pack includes:

- 31 Profiles

Tonewood, size, shape, bracing, strings, pickup, preamp - these are some of the many variables that make up the unique sound of the Acoustic guitar. Traditionally, that sound is best captured with a good mic, in a good room... but we don’t all have that luxury, especially live! We’ve all heard unnatural plugged-in acoustic sounds, but there are a whole host of tools out there designed to make your guitar sound fantastic. We’ve sought to capture a bunch of those for the Kemper to provide you with a broad set of profiles for your Acoustic guitar. Featuring pedals, preamps, and D.I. Boxes, our Acoustic Pack gives you some of the most popular and classic solutions, ready for use right away! We’ve tweaked a selection of Stomps and Effects in the rigs to enhance your tone, including a compressor, boost, HPF, chorus, delay, and Kemper’s new Natural Reverb (with some sweet morphing set up - hint: use an expression pedal!). Here’s a list of the profile names (actual names in the Rig Tags):

Mic Preamps:

610 Clean, 610 Comp, EVE 73, ISA MKII, Uni-API, Uni-VBox


Aero (8 Profiles), B REZ (10 Profiles)


J-Active, Para (2 Profiles), Platinum, Sesh (3 Profiles)