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Pedal Platform Bundle 1

In the world of Kemper, there are two main types of player: those who have gone all-in – Drives, Effects, and all – and those who use the Kemper as a clean Pedal Platform with their favourite Stompboxes integrated in. If you’re in the latter group, this bundle is for YOU!

Featuring clean profiles spanning across many of our current Profile Packs, the Pedal Platform Bundle offers 18 different profiles from pristine cleans to ever-so-slight edge of breakup, ready to take pedals with ease.

IMPORTANT: All of these profiles are found in our other packs – if you’ve already bought any of the below packs you already have these!

This bundle includes 36 clean profiles (18 Single Coil Profiles, 18 Humbucker Profiles) from the following Amps & their respective packs:

- 65 D’Verb V3, V4 (65 D’Verb Pack)

- ACE TB/6 B2 (British Pack)

- Mustang 2 (British Pack)

- Red MKII 3 (British Pack)

- Varmint 30 2 (British Pack)

- /Elle 3 (/Divided Pack)

- /Future 37 F2 (/Divided Pack)

- Matched 30/15 1, 3 (Dual + Matched Pack)

- Matched HC30 E2, A2 (Dual + Matched Pack)

- Logan AC20 E3, A3 (Logan AC20 Pack)

- Super Planet 4, 5 (Super Pack)

- WZRD R2, L1 (WZRD Pack)